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Comprehensive Audiological Exam
(Hearing Test)

The Whole Picture When It Comes To Your Hearing

At Carolina Hearing Center it all begins with a comprehensive audiological evaluation.  Our audiologists examine your ears and test your hearing by two methods known as air and bone conduction.  We also test speech reception thresholds and discrimination to allow us to visualize the whole picture when it comes to you hearing and what improvements and techniques we can offer to assist you.

Hearing Tests

Audiologic Diagnostic Testing

There's More to Your Ears Than Just Hearing

Your ears don't just allow you to hear but also control your balance.  Carolina Hearing Center is fully staffed with board-certified ENT physicians and audiologists who can recommend you for audiological diagnostic testing to help evaluate dizziness and vertigo.  These tests allow us to find possible causes of these symptoms and what further treatment may help alleviate them.  We also offer comprehensive audiologic evaluations for the pediatric (children) population.

Ear Exam

Hearing Instrument Devices
(Hearing Aids)

Technology Designed To Enhance Life

After we evaluate your hearing through comprehensive testing, our audiologists will discuss methods to help rehabilitate your hearing loss.  We offer two of the industries top brand hearing aids, Signia and Oticon.  Consultations are FREE of charge and allow us to demonstrate a hearing instrument with you and show you how it can improve your lifestyle.  We also offer a variety of accessories, color choices and financing options such as Care Credit to assist you in your investment.  We personally take pride in patient care and so with each purchase of a hearing instrument, we offer unlimited office visits and assistance at no extra charge for up to 3 years from your purchase date.* We are here to guide you through the process and optimize the technology you choose in order to allow you to better communicate with family and friends and enjoy "Listening to Life."

*This does not include cost for repairs and accessories out of warranty. 

Hearing Aid